John Smedley

The John Smedley brand is famous for creating ultra-fine knitwear including a luxurious range of jumpers, sweaters and cardigans made from the finest cotton, cashmere and merino wool. The fabrics used are of the highest calibre to ensure exceptional quality. John Smedley's Sea Island Cotton was developed by the brand in 1922 - unique for its fineness and luxurious high tensile strength. This fabric has been used by the brand ever since it was famed for the exceptional quality of knitwear that they produce and it is this commitment to quality which sets the brand apart from its competitors. The brand dates back to 1784 when John Smedley and Peter Nightingale founded Lea Mills in Derbyshire where the company continues to operate from today. From becoming one of the earliest knitwear companies to install the first ever 'Cotton's Patent' fully functioning knitting machines, the company has continued to embrace new technology. The John Smedley brand has also collaborated with designers such as Paul Smith and Vivienne Westwood which has contributed to their reputation as a luxury clothing brand, creating garments of superior quality. As of January 2013, this brand is now the proud owner of a Royal Warrant from Her Majesty the Queen which recognises the excellence of the company's garments.