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Penelope Chilvers

Penelope Chilvers, English artist and designer, was enraptured with the craft and culture of Spain at an early age. Given the opportunity to live, work and study there she leapt at the opportunity, developing a huge appreciation of ancient Spanish skills in leather, textiles and embroidery, which still form the basis of Penelope’s collection to this day. Country Attire’s compact selection features the stunningly beautiful Dandy slipper, crafted in 100% natural leather, satin and velvet with unbelievably fine embroidered designs in a vivid pallet and in gold thread. Named the ‘Dandy’ slipper and inspired by the decadent 70s aesthetes who fled to North Africa to absorb themselves in lavish and beautiful things, these slippers, although obviously aimed at womens, and the choice of numerous A-list icons rebelling against the teetering heights of the ‘killer’ heel, Penelope insists these slippers are for both men and women. Penelope Chilvers is a unique marque fusing the exalted demands of a talented English designer with the finest artisans of Spanish footwear. Watch for further outstanding boots and shoes as the season’s progress.